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Cozy Purple Pop of Color

Cozy purple throws for snuggling!  Adds some color  to the living room.  Thick fleece trimmed straight with rounded corners.  I tried some overcast stitches with my Juki however I couldn't get the look I wanted so I pulled out my serger. Gosh it's been, like 2 years since I used it but luckily it worked (I've had it for quite awhile but I'm still kinda afraid of it 😜).

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My Baby's Back!

My baby's out of the shop and she purrs like a kitten 🐱. Just in time, too! Had
To finish a history costume for the grandson before I head out out of town.

Pun Fun

If you're happy and you know it clap your hem!! 😂😂

Mrs. Fix-it?

My main sewing machine is on the shop. Now seems a good time to see if I can oil up this little guy and see if it'll sew. 45 years ago (!) my sister and I each got a sewing machine for Christmas. I got a sweet little Singer Genie and my sister got this one. I sold the Genie hers ago (wish I hadn't) and my sis gave this to me. Been in its case but still needs a good cleaning. Will she fire up after a little TLC?

Nope! It was fun and interesting to learn about this machine. It's a Kenmore 'Kennie' 3/4 machine model 158.1030. I cleaned it and oiled it but it still slips and the needle won't change positions. She'll go to the shop soon to see if she can be work again. It'd be nice to have a backup machine and my grandkiddos would probably like to use a little machine like this.

I am sew sad. 😩. My beloved dream sewing machine Juki F600 is misbehaving. She is skipping stitches and breaking thread. 😭. I have had her for 2 years and dreamed about her for 2 years before I got her. She was a birthday gift from my mom.
I have changed needles, changed thread, re-threaded, changed bobbins, gently cleaned her and done all that three times.
The last thing to try before taking her to the sewing machine urgent care shop is to replace the needles one more time with the exact needles specified in the manual. The needles I have been using were fine, or so the sewing store said, and indeed they have worked well until now. I ordered the needles and I hope they get here soon!
I'm afraid it might be my fault because a few weeks ago she jammed up when I sewed over one of those little clothes pinny things I used instead of pins. The needle didn't hit it but the gizmo that raises and lowers the needle did and she stopped cold. So did my heart! I got the thing unstuck an…

Mrs. Cottontail or Mrs. Polyester

Dontcha love a great ironing/Easter bunny/fabric content/questioning major life decisions joke!

Learning to Sew Pillowcovers

Sewing lessons...first project by the eldest granddaughter.

Drivers' Sleeve

Dig the drivers' sleeve I made--it was a special request from hubby to keep the sun from burning his arm. It works!